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It's Time to Stop Dreaming and Start Doing.

Learn everything you need to know about building a successful salon business.

Are you ready to elevate your salon business?

Square Salon Success Systems identifies the essential cornerstones of business operations that can convert any salon into an institution for growth.


Square Salon Success Systems (S4) is an inspirational, guided approach to better salon management created by Award-Winning Salon Owner Barb Garcia.

Modeled after her own salon, her program identifies the essential cornerstones of business operations that can convert any salon into an institution for growth.

S4 is a business model built on four key cornerstones that focus on business and team development, with community give-back at its center. It simplifies Barb’s best practices into actionable steps that salon owners can adopt today to see growth for tomorrow.

An original and truly inspiring business design, the successes of S4 can be seen through the lens of her staff, community, and industry as a whole.

Gain access to powerful business tools!



Inspired by our passion for sharing success and seizing opportunities to give back, we aim to bring business empowerment to every salon owner worldwide and elevate their salon culture, stimulate financial enrichment, and encourage growth for every person touched.


Our mission is to create a greater tomorrow for salon owners and their teams by providing foundational business education that itemizes the steps needed for change today.

We believe in a systematic path toward achieving business success – each system is its own unique puzzle piece that works in unison to create a steady stream of growth for all who walk through your salon doors.


Hi, I'm Barb!

Stylist, Founder, and Philanthropist Barb Garcia is the award-winning salon owner of Square Salon Group based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Originally a Cuban native, Barb migrated to the United States at a very young age and soon began working towards her cosmetology license as a way to provide a living for her family. Fast forward years later, her salons are now listed and recognized with the luxury salon finder platform Leading Salon of the World, while she simultaneously continues to set the bar as a model salon owner through her charity work and team development.

More than just a source of income, the beauty industry became a platform for her to express her passion – giving back: "Being able to touch people individually behind the chair as a stylist, while also being blessed as a salon owner to giveback to the community responsible for your business is what push me harder everyday to succeed."

Barb has worn multiple hats in the industry–from stylist to salon owner and mentor to acclaimed charity founder. Just five years after being licensed, Barb opened her first salon in 1992 with then-business partner Rob Hollis. By 2006 she single-handedly purchased Square Color Salon & Spa and acquired a team of 14 stylists that she began developing. It was only six years later, in 2012, that she won NAHA Salon Design of the Year. Her second award-winning salon, Atelier by Square, was established in 2016 as she saw the need to develop an education team as a response to keep up with the immense growth she was experiencing.

Most notably, Barb founded a charity team in 2011 that, to this day, plays an incremental role in fulfilling her personal mission to give back. Not only does her charity team remain active, but it is also at the center of her newest endeavor, "Square Salon Success Systems," a business program designed to empower salon owners to financial and team success, launching in the summer of 2022.

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Does any of this sound like you?

Do you get frustrated with all the confusing advice on the internet about building your business?

Do you want to learn tested methods and best practices for a successful salon business?

Do you want to be able to find new customers that will drive your brand and income to new heights?

Well, that's exactly what you can learn with my program Square Salon Success Systems!

Your benefits

Learn what works best for creating a new salon business and where to spend your time and effort. Add more benefits you offer to your clients here.


Packed with step-by-step training sheets, time-saving templates, and helpful online resources, this course will help you to drive your brand to new heights!

A Salon Owners Guide to Creating an Institution for Growth

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